Breach of copyright Petar Cumbelic


I am Capt. Petar Cumbelic, PhD. My biography one will find on Croatian Encyclopedia and on Croatian Biographical Lexicon. On these pages I wish to present my dispute over the breach of copyright. Editors and Publishers of The Nautical Almanac, Her Majesty's Nautical Almanac Office, LONDON, and Nautical Almanac Office United States, WASHINGTON, plagiarized and violated my intellectual priority. To illustrate problem I submit the summary of the dispute and my correspondence with The Royal Greenwich Observatory and The Royal institute of Navigation. Also one will find the illustrations of what I wished to prove in forms of Tables and Examples


1. Hrvatska enciklopedija:

2. Hrvatski biografski leksikon:

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Edythe Beatty


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Horace Hahn


12.08.2015 17:32

Predrag Bjelajac

Es ist eine Schande für Herr Majesty's Nautical Almanac Office aus London in eine solche Plagiataffäre verwickelt zu seine !

06.08.2015 12:48

Romana Omrcen

C'est une grosse honte pour "Her Majesty's Nautical Almanac Office" !!!

05.08.2015 08:38

ivica.ostojic@ri.t-com hr

Sramotno,da se vrijednom profesoru i pomorskom kapetanu ukrade pošteni intelektualni rad."Lako se kitit tuđim perjem".

30.07.2015 21:25

Duško Vrus, M.M., B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D.

The problem of Professor Cumbelic, citizen of a small Country, is a sad story to what happens when he seeks justice for his plagiarized scientific work.